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Materials Used/Machinery

Newfoil 5500

Hot-Foil Machine .2 Print Heads 230 x 230mm + Cut Head.

Prints up to six spot foil colours with lamination and re-registration.

Langley Labels is the First Company in the world to install this machine.

Newfoil 5000

Hot-Foil Machine, 2 Print Heads 210 x 150 mm + Cut Head.

Prints up to six spot colours with lamination and re-registration.


Short run digital printer – prints full colour photographic quality images. Mainly for box end labels or indoor labels. Materials can be coated with

Polyester laminates to enhance & protect the labels.

Zebra Thermal Transfer Machines x 3

Zebra printers for adding barcodes and variable data.

Labels can be over laminated for protection from harsh environments.

Materials Used

Langley Labels uses High Grade 3m Polyesters and Madico automotive approved materials. We also print onto Vinyl’s & Polypropylenes as well

As Papers, We can achieve various finishes by using over laminates which can be Gloss Matt Satin or Polycarbonate. This laminate will also protect the Under surface print allowing it to withstand Harsh Environments & Petrol Rub tests.

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